Loyalty App Help

Q. How does the loyalty scheme work?

A. You will be evaluated over a 12 month period from when you sign up, so if over the 12 month period you spend the following:


UP TO £3800
Earn 10% on all purchases


Loyalty increases to 12%


Loyalty increases to 15%


Loyalty increases to 20%


Please note that your percentage will decrease if you do not maintain the minimum spend before your sign up anniversary date.


Q. My loyalty card number is not visible on my old loyalty card, how do I find this? 

A. If your number has worn out on the back of your card, please login to your account HERE to view your loyalty account number.



Q. I already have a physical card but I didn’t enter my card number on app signup, how can I get the balance transferred?

A. Please email app@randalls.je with the following details: Name, Email, Mobile Number, DOB and we will transfer the balance within 30 days of acknowledging your email and deactivate your physical card account.



Q. Can I retain my physical card account after signing up to the mobile app account?

A. No, once you sign up to the app our systems will remove the physical card account from our systems and you will only be able to use the mobile app going forwards.



Q. I don’t have a smart phone, can I still have a QR code?

A. Yes you can, please follow the below instructions:
1. Visit randalls.5loyalty.com
2. Create a new account, please use the same email as your old loyalty card and insert your loyalty card number (found on the back of your card)
3. Email app@randalls.je the same day, requesting a card for the account you just created
4. We will create the card for you and email to confirm when your card is ready to collect.

Please allow 2 weeks for collection. Cards are to be collected from our Head Office in St Helier. Please note we are unable to post cards out & points will not be migrated across until the card is collected.



Q. Why is my app collecting points on my purchases but it won’t let me redeem them?

A. To redeem points, you must verify your account in the my account page and click verify account.



Q. Why didn’t my app receive any points for the meal I just had despite the QR code being scanned?

A. Monthly promotions do not attract loyalty points so you will not gain points on special menus or offers that are already discounted as per our T&Cs.


Any other queries then please contact us.